What to do?

La Ruta del Fang (Mud route)

From the Neolithic, ceramics are part of the happening of the peoples and their appearance led to a revolutionary change in the improvement of the quality of life of our ancestors. The cultures of ancient peoples (Talayotic, Roman and Islamic) have left their mark on the evolution of ceramics in the Balearic Islands in introducing new forms that have survived to this day.

The Marratxí Fang Route is an itinerary, signposted throughout the municipality with information panels, which disseminates the lookouts of Pòrtol and Sa Cabaneta, which are currently in operation. Functional, traditional, artistic or jewelry ceramics, in Marratxí you will find unique pieces created by the artisans, keeping the tradition craft but with the most contemporary design.


Marratxinet is the oldest town center in the municipality and the nucleus that gave its name to the current Marratxí. Etymologically, the word Marratxí has ​​Arab origins: As a Mozarabic derivative of the barraca, from the Arabic word Marrksi or from the word Marruqush.

The first time that is called Marratxí is in the Book of distribution of Mallorca, with the name of Barraxino. Possibly in this nucleus stood the temple of the first parish that was in Marratxí, Santa Maria de Marratxí. It is believed that this church was built during the 13th century, although the remains were not found.

Fairs and ‘Fiestas’

Fira del Fang (Mud Fair)

The Mud Trade Fair is celebrated every March in Marratxí with the aim of promoting the work of ceramic artisans, especially the whalers. It is a unique opportunity to compare and acquire all kinds of clay (decorative, for cooking, toys, art …) because in a single enclosure there are the majority of ceramists in Mallorca, many of the peninsula and some of the foreigner

The Marratxí Town Hall, with the Mud Fair, aims to promote and support the village’s sector of the municipality, which has more than 300 years of tradition. In 2018 the XXXIV edition will be celebrated. The fair is located at the Verònica de Sant Marçal, in the shade

It is open to the public from 10 am to 1:30 p.m. and from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. on weekdays. At weekends, open from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm uninterruptedly.

Sant Marçal

On June 30, Sant Marçal, patron of Marratxí. For this reason, around this day, the most important summer holidays of the municipality and of the first ones of Mallorca are celebrated.

These are days to enjoy the streets of concerts, games, theatrical performances, sports, music, exhibitions and shows, as we try to make a varied and appropriate program for all tastes and ages.

These festivals have a long tradition, since it is proven that they are celebrated from the 14th century and approximately 25,000 people participate.