Fira del Fang

The Mud Trade Fair is celebrated every March in Marratxí with the aim of promoting the work of ceramic artisans, especially the local ones. It is a unique opportunity to compare and acquire all kinds of clay pieces (decorative, for cooking, toys, art …) because in a single enclosure there are the majority of ceramists in Mallorca, many of the peninsula and some of the foreigner

Fira de sa Llet d’Ametla

It takes place the second weekend of december. In Marratxí four families retain the mills to make almond milk and keep this tradition alive.

Beneïdes Sant Antoni and ‘Foguerons’

A traditional religious celebration that consists of blessing animals, normally domestic ones. It is celebrated in the church square of Pla de na Tesa.

Festes del Carme en Pòrtol

For the last 10 years, the Carme celebrations are organized in the middle of July, coinciding with the 16th, the day of ‘Nuestra Señora del Carmen’, with a week full of events.

Fira de Tardor

Thousands of people go to the events of the Autumn Fair during the first weekend of November. The arrival of autumn is celebrated and the traditions, the ancient trades and the craftsmanship of the municipality are exhibited.

Festes de Sant Marçal

On June 30th we celebrate Sant Marçal day, patron of Marratxí. For this reason we celebrate the most important summer holidays of town and of the first ones of Mallorca.

Motor retro Marratxí

It is organized the last weekend of May. Throughout the ten years of life, it has hosted many fans of the world of classical and old cars with exhibitions, shopping and sale markets. It has become an essential and recognized event in Spain.

Sa Rua

Sa Rua de Marratxí is the carnival festival in our municipality. It is celebrated every year in February, one week before the Rua de Palma, with an approximate participation of 30 comparses that attracts 1500 people.