Marratxinet is the oldest town center in the municipality and the nucleus that gave its name to the current Marratxí. Etymologically, the word Marratxí has ​​Arab origins: As a Mozarabic derivative of the barraca, from the Arabic word Marrksi or from the word Marruqush.

The first time that is called Marratxí is in the Book of distribution of Mallorca, with the name of Barraxino. Possibly in this nucleus stood the temple of the first parish that was in Marratxí, Santa Maria de Marratxí. It is believed that this church was built during the 13th century, although the remains were not found.

In the village of Marratxinet we find constructions of great interest, such as Can Serra or Can Vador. The first is a 19th century house with an important landscape value and very characteristic elements, such as an old sun clock. From the second one, which was the Casa de la Vila until the Town Hall moved to Sa Cabaneta, we can see some hand-painted tiles that represent different natural elements and the everyday life of the people of the time. One of them has a painted date: 1809.

Regarding the current oratory, it was built in the 40s of the 20th century, taking advantage of a preexisting house and the financial help of the gentlemen of the estate of Son Sales. The construction was carried out because the nuns that were in the convent of Marratxinet departed, which caused the nucleus to need a new place of worship. On the main portal we see the inscription “Domus Dei” or “Casa de Dios” and on the lateral portal we can read “Domus Orationis” or “House of prayer”.