Flor d’Ametler

Bernardo Vallori was a Mallorcan born in the first half of the 20th century. In the middle of the century, Vallori had the idea of ​​creating a perfume with the fragrance of almond trees, as their mother and grandmother had already done to make their own perfumes.


The beekeeping in Mallorca is a legacy of the Greek civilization. With its three props (honey, grapes and olive trees) it gave us a result of the Mediterranean diet. On this basis, the tradition and wealth of the Romans, the wisdom of the Muslims, the adaptation of the Catalans and, finally, the effectiveness and scientific methods of the modern era have been incorporated.

Bodegues Suau

Its star product is a well-known brandy, as well as a premium gin. Always innovative, they have created an 8 year old brandy with a touch of macerated oranges that provide a unique flavor. This new product is exported almost entirely, especially in the United States, where it is highly demanded.

Bodegues Túnel

In 1898 Antonio Nadal Muntaner founded the company Antonio Nadal and began to distill alcohol. His first products were the ‘anís’ and the gin. Túnel de Mallorca is, for years, the best-selling and well-known herbal brand, both locally and internationally, and is marketed in several versions (dry or sweet)


In 1982, the Cañellas family was associated with nine more important families of the industry, and founded the Limsa company. At present, they produce about 120,000 liters per year of Ron Amazona as well as liqueur of herbs and liqueur Palo de Mallorca.


Manufacture of bread and traditional bakery and pastry products