Healthy Routes

Cimentera Road

Cement Factory: Old cement, which gives the name to the path. On the way, the raw materials were transported from the site of extraction to the cement through some wagons. There he cooked with mineral carbon and ground to get the cement. Once cooked, it was put in sacks of clothes for its distribution.

Stone oven: Near the cement, along the same path, we find the stone oven, which is older than the own cement. It was a circular hearth furnace. A similar material to the current cement was obtained using a clay firing process.

ROUTE: We start from Pòrtol, from the end of Carrer de la Roca Llisa and take the path of Can Parrisco. You continue the walk through the Cementera and the Stone Oven. Then, there is the option to go back to Pòrtol along the same path or advance to the main street of Sa Cabaneta and return through the Main Street. The route can also be done the other way around. In this case, if we start from sa Cabaneta, then we can follow the route of the Jardí d’en Ferrer path.

DISTANCE: 3.8km.

Ferrer’s Garden Road

This road consists of 3.30 km with a positive elevation of 23 m. It is a different alternative to go from Pòrtol to Santa Maria for a quiet route, surrounded by nature and with very little traffic. It is ideal for cyclists.

ROUTE: We start from Pòrtol. At the end of the Roca Llisa street turn right (if we come to do the Cement, turn left after the Can Parrisco road before reaching the Carrer de la Roca Llisa) and climb the path of the Jardí d ‘ in Ferrer We will follow this route straight, and we will pass by the bridge over the freeway when we take about 3 km. We will continue a little further and we will reach the end of the road. Here we have several options: Turn left and head towards Marratxinet and the path of La Font and the path of sa Bomba, turn right and go to Santa Maria del Camí, or return to Pòrtol. In this case, to return to Pòrtol we can do it from the same path, or going to the right and return by the road.

DISTANCE: 3.3 km.

Ca na Maiola Road and ‘La Font’ Street

Marratxí is a quiet and different village. To find out, you can do this short but authentic route.

ROUTE: We begin along Carrer de la Font, the beginning of which begins on the Ma-3030 road, until the road to Maiola, which ends on the Ma-13A road. During this small route you can see the houses of Can Serra and Can Vador, with the sun clock and the painted tiles respectively. Once you have finished the Ca Na Maiola road, you can turn left and follow the Ma-13A road for 700 meters and connect with the path of sa Bomba.

DISTANCE: 1.3 km.

Sa Bomba Road

Located on the Palma-Inca highway (Ma-13A) kilometer 12, hm 1.

ROUTE: We begin at the so-called path of Sa Bomba, between the torrent of Coanegre and the railway line from Palma to Inca. It is an easy and flat route, where one of the archaeological jewels of our area is located: a stretch of paved road, probably from Roman times, about two hundred meters long by about three meters wide. The pavement of the road is made of stone slabs and pebbles. The path ends at the boundary of the municipality of Marratxí. To return, you can follow the same route or cross the municipality of Santa Maria del Camí and return through the Jardí d’en Ferrer path.

DISTANCE: 2.3 km.